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Keep in mind that using lists is a key ingredient in effective sales prospecting. All businesses that use lists to market with, find growth opportunities that far outweigh the costs associated directly to the list they purchased. It’s an opportunity waiting to happen, and when you find one, you need to nurture and hand hold that prospect to a purchase and retain them after as a long term customer. – The Sales Corner

Marketing Lists, Sales Lists,

Where do you go when you need to find new customers and prospects? What about just growing your business, or any business, which requires selling and prospecting and putting in the due diligence to find sales opportunities?

Finding sales opportunities is key. Without anyone to speak with, or email exchanges happening, or people asking for quotes to buy from you, well, you’re business will become stagnant quite fast. You’ll be worried about how to pay your bills or even paychecks!

We bring you List Giant. They offer a wide range of contact lists for a business to procure to further prospect to a targeted audience. They offer a unique way of using your lists in the form of online delivery and a database you can pull from 24/7. They work with fortune 500 companies, and have an overall core direction of Business to Business list marketing services.

If you are looking for business to business leads, for additional sales lead opportunities, or product or service consumer lists to prospect more with, the folks at can help you. They offer a free consultation to get you started, or we also looked and saw that you can sign up for a free trial so you can give them a go and see how they can help!

Have you heard of DoggyLoot? Are you a dog lover? Do you know someone who loves dogs? They might appreciate having this resource. Owning a dog (or any kind of pet really) is a great way to find relaxation. Having dogs, for some, will just take the place of children. For others, they have both dogs and children, establishing some kind of balance with the two. Finding the right dog is tricky enough, but what about finding all the great things your doggy needs and loves too? We found them on Facebook at

Visting their website, they start you off by asking you about your dogs, and then getting you to give an email, or sign in with Facebook. Signup is free. After you’re done with those two steps they get right too it in the shopping categories.

They have Chews, Toys, Treats and more to select from. The prices seem more then fair also, and well under retail price you’ll find at your major brand name stores! (That’s good for anyone looking to save some money!). Oh, and did we mention they are doing 100% free shipping too? (Another no brainer…)

Go ahead, go check them out. You can find them at If you love your dog, this is going to be a useful place to find whatever you want. (Everything maybe except the dog food that you’re buying from the store…..that’s not very cost effective to ship anyway.)

We hope you find some use out of their website and can find some things you’ll be happy you did. There’s a wide variety of products and toys and misc items that will help you give your pup a better living that they deserve. So check them out now.

If you search Google for Worldwide Translation Services. You’ll get about 13,400,000 results (roughly). So how can you choose a Translation Service that’s top of the class?

Rosetta Translation Services

Rosetta Translation Services. Worldwide Language Translation Services

Finding a translation company, or service provider, should be easy right? But where do you start when you do a Google search with that many results. How will you choose? After all, your website or blog, or literature should be able to be read by any audience. Some websites and blogs don’t automatically offer translation services. You could use some web service like, but for things like PDF or Word Documents, or other literature that’s designed by a method, you’ll need to have a copy in an original format, and language.

You’ll need to decide on your content being in a main language (primary), or some other language (secondary), or decide to make your content included with many languages (which would also mean multiple pages of sites, and more then just one or two languages).

Rosetta Translation may be a company you’d like to work with. They offer World Wide Translation Services, and you can contact them for a free quote for your project requirements. They specialize in high-quality translations for corporate clients, including legal translation, such as contracts, both for corporate businesses and legal firms. Primarily with Legal translation in London They also offer a variety of other services such as Transcription and Interpretation Services.

Of course with any service, it’s important to make sure they are a reputable business and have a high quality product, or service with the input of the public. You can review some of their client testimonials, and decide if you would like to contact them for a quote to ascertain doing your own project.

Have you ever wondered how Engineering The Internet actually works? It’s quite daunting when you think about it. Needless to say, we have places like for giving us a way to find some help, and Google Inc. for making it possible to find such help with ease of searchability. Many kudos to a lot of places in the course of time are due, certainly. Here’s a Fun Fact about Google for you; The domain name for Google was registered on September 15, 1997, and the company was incorporated on September 4, 1998. It was based in a friend’s garage in Menlo Park, California. In May 2011, the number of monthly unique visitors to Google surpassed 1 billion for the first time, an 8.4 percent increase from May 2010 (931 million). Talk about the growth the rest of us would like to be witness to huh? – Matt G.

Thanks to the team over at who have composed this nice graphic to visually represent how the Internet works. I hope everyone get’s something from this in some way. I know if you analyze this, you can find some things you might not have known about to help your business continue to be successful on the web long after your competition is scratching at your doorstep to stop taking their customers away!

Original Link:

Looking at How the Internet Works

The Internet is amazing. It allows us to communicate instantly, search for and find information on nearly anything, stay abreast of current events and, of course, watch the latest cute animal video. But how does it actually work?

As we think about the future of our business, or perhaps the future of our employees we must realize that at some point people and business cultures involve processes that sometime need outsourced to see results achieved. Before I became to be considered a seasoned professional, I got my start working at an outsourcing company. Later I was hired directly by the place I was working to support there. Many opportunities present themselves through established business outsourcing projects that have a benefit and a way to pay off for everyone in the long term. – Matt Geier

What is it and how can it help?

Companies Outsourcing Business Processes

Outsourcing business processes
Most companies see outsourcing as a chance for the company to expand. This is all true because outsourcing has shown to be very beneficial for the companies that want to expand and explore new ways to get their product out there to consumers. Recently more and more companies are outsourcing business such as IT departments, payroll, operation’s and even customer service. All these titles in any company are just the few that a company can look to outsource and gain the benefits of doing so. What is the true meaning of outsourcing?

What is BPO?
The business process outsourcing (BPO) is when a business or company hires another business to do activities for them. This does not mean to say that a business or a company is looking to be lazy; it’s thought to be a way where more work can get done where there are double the people working in the same department. Let’s say for instance a company is doing well but wants to expand. The company does not have enough space to hire more workers so what the company decides to do is hire someone outside the company to get the job done. This eliminates the idea that a company must make sacrifices in order to expand. has a number of helping programs and solutions to make your business run properly.

Benefits of managed services
Now that the company has the extra help it needs to expand there’s no problem to see only success at the top of the ladder for the company. Outsourcing is extra help any company may seek to gain higher profit or looking to expand. It’s a win-win situation for both the company who gets the extra workers they need to surpass their success line while the outsourced company has the opportunity to contribute and make a difference. This is exactly why BPO has gained so many companies in which they proceed in this line of work because it opens new doors and lead to higher success. Teamwork is a major aspect of this agreement between the company and the outsource company. Though the two companies may be far part in distance, communication is always kept constant because when one succeeds so does the other.

Though many companies may not admit it, outsourcing plays a major role in their business just like anything else. What they don’t have space to do something in one place it can be done elsewhere from an outsourced company. This is why it’s so essential for companies to invest in outsourcing, there’s only one outcome between the two and that further success. With the ability to expend without actually spending a fortunate for another building is a plus for any company. Business process outsourcing saves a company more money and more time to focus on other things that can be done. Outsourcing is defiantly an opportunity that any company should invest in.

Ashley Furness / Software Advice CRM AnalystSoftware Advice LogoIf you want to see the future of marketing, talk to a recruiter.

The most highly-desired skills have shifted from direct mail and mass media marketing to SEO, analytics, mobile, social media and content marketing. This week, I asked more than 30 marketing and recruiting specialists what hot marketing skills they foresee spinning off into their own job titles. From there responses I create this list of jobs for the marketing team of the future.

Vice President of Marketing Data Analytics

This role would decide when, why and how marketing data should be tracked. This includes data collected through marketing automation, website analytics, social media, email campaigns, mobile, SEO, content marketing, PPC and other channels. The goals: improve marketing performance and predictive modeling, and continually refine the company’s definition of the ideal customer. This information would be shared with brand and campaign strategists who design promotions.

ROI and Marketing Budget Officer

Marketing budgets are shifting from quarterly allotments for print, direct mail and media advertising to constantly-shifting spending from one channel to another. Return on Investment (ROI) data is often instantly available–from paid search ad spending, for example–so marketing can be more nimble with resource allocation. The budget officer would track ROI from all promotion channels and adjust spending based on those results.

Crowd Sourcing Specialist

Companies can’t dictate their brand identity to the customer in today’s world. To that end, the crowd sourcing specialist would monitor conversations happening on the Web about the brand and develop messaging that responds to customers’ voiced expectations. At the same time, this role would send out calls to action–such as inviting customers to compete to create the best video about the brand, and perhaps tying the theme to something trending on Twitter.

Marketing Integration Planner

This position would identify ways to deliver a single marketing message, campaign or branding effort across multiple digital channels. For example, using a pay-per-click advertising campaign to promote a viral video, or using SEO keyword analysis to help craft a press release. This person might also use tools such as Demand Metric’s Marketing Channel Ranking Tool to prioritize message delivery channels based on lead quality, cost and other indicators.

Content Marketing Czar

This position would plan the development of websites, blogs, videos, info graphics, webinars, social media and other content vehicles. The individual would decide how that content would be promoted and cross-promoted, then track its performance. Finally, the content marketing leader would look for externally-created content about the company on the Web and find ways to leverage it for SEO and other marketing purposes.

Research for this article was provided by Software Advice.

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