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I’m a fairly young sales person. None-the-less, I can still remember a time when I started utilizing sales tools in my sales career. The closest thing I had to field tools was a Blackberry with a stylus and my bulky laptop. Those were the days! I could check email and respond to email requests while on the road or in my car (not driving). I could be more effective in my sales role to the company! Now we are here in the year 2012. In the last decade we’ve seen so much change as sales professionals and managers that it’s almost unfathomable. Ashley came to me with this article and I told her I would gladly post this to our readers to get their attention! More sales individuals can utilize tools such as “smart devices” like the pads and other things to improve on their sales techniques, sales process, and opportunity close ratios. This advantage could be tremendous if used in a way that empowers them and their device to work smarter to gain attraction and close more sales business with their customer! I do hope you enjoy this read. I know I did! — Matt G.

So You Bought iPads for Sales – Now What? – By Ashley Furness

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Published on April 24th, 2012 @ Software Advice

Two telecom sales reps recently stopped by my office to pitch executives on their latest solution. Both toted iPads, which I assume were loaded with dazzling interactive presentations and other tools for elevating the pitch. But neither rep turned on their device.

This got me wondering, did they plan for how they were going to use their iPads? And if they did, what did that plan look like?

“We talk to companies all the time where they literally purchased iPads for their team with no idea of what they were going to be doing with them,” said Matthew Suggs, vice president of enterprise sales at Mediafly Inc., a company that develops iPad sales tools.

Apparently this was not an isolated incident. One recent study reported that while 78 percent of employers plan to deploy tablets across their organization (83 percent of which will opt for the iPad), more than half haven’t articulated a clear adoption strategy.

With this in mind, I wanted to offer a helping hand to readers wanting a ride on the iPad-for-sales bandwagon. I asked some mobile strategists what tips they would offer sales managers looking to maximize their iPad investment.

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